Home exchange holiday

You have probably heard about ´House swap´ holiday´s.

I have done it several times and had fantastic experiences. We normally go to Holland for  2 to 4 weeks and hotels or renting can become to expensive especially in the middle of summer.

What is so great about house swap?

  • It does not cost anything, just your registration fee to the website
  • You have all the comfort´s like at home, music, TV, a fully equipped kitchen with basic cooking stuff like cooking oil, pepper, salt and kids bedrooms with toy´s and books.
  • When traveling with small children that go to bed early, you can make yourself a lovely cooked meal, enjoy a nice glass of wine in the garden or by the pool and you won´t be stuck in a small hotel room or apartment balcony
  • You can look after each other´s animals?
  • You can swap bikes or cars


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I can understand that some of you might be a bit worried.

Don´t forget that  the people in your house are probably as worried as you about their own house. I always remove my personal stuff and my favorite ornaments, I put pillow and mattress protectors on for hygiene or you can buy some cheap pillows for your guests.  Just make sure you have a good insurance.

I suggest a Skype call to introduce yourself and you can have a look at the house at the background, see if it match´s with the photo´s on the website. I also ask them to send their  flight confirmation when they booked a flight so you both know that the flight are booked and you have their names and passport numbers as identification.

All my exchanges where amazing and I have never heard of bad experiences, have a look at all the amazing destination on their website below.

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