Juicing Is the healthy way forward, drink your way to 5 fruit and veg a day. If you don´t have a juicer yet then don´t wait any longer.

See at the bottom of this page how you can win this juicer.

Why Juicing or Blending?

juicing bennefits

I love the Phillips juicer, it´s powerful, easy to clean, and has a large feeding tub for whole fruits and vegetables, click here for some tasty juice recipes.


How can you win this Phillips Juicer?

  • Like and share the Facebook page of  Costa Blanca Hotspots
  • Don´t forget to fill in the contact form with the subject-Juicer, That will make it easier for me to track the winner.

Please note that I can only deliver the juicer between Oliva and Altea in Spain, but  if you live abroad and know someone on the Costa Blanca, I could give the juicer to them.

I will pick the winner  the 13 July (extended til 17 h, please fill in the contact form with the subject-juicer so i have your names and emails, easier to pick a winner)

WINNER IS Meghan Bolognese


  1. Stella I’ve really enjoyed reading your reviews on your website, particularly loved your piece about Valencia and especially the places to stay, thought they looked beautiful.
    Good luck with the site, hope it goes well for you.
    Tracey xxx

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