Sounders a new club in Denia

Sounders, Lamarserena and Fisher

A new terrace chiringuito Fisher, restaurant Lamarserena and club  Sounders are about to open their  doors  in Denia, it´s located in the Marina and has  amazing views overlooking the sea and harbor. Its´s the perfect place for an evening out in Denia.

Start with some drinks at Fisher followed by a meal and cocktails on the Lamrserena terrace and dance the night akay at Sounders. I can imagine, for those that can go all night, it to be the perfect place to watching the sun rise when the last tunes are playing.

The opening night is Friday 26 th of June, with resident DJ´s Kris Harris and Miquel Lema, dancers and other entertainers and surprises.

sounders 2









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