What town to choose on the north Costa Blanca?

Find below the coastal towns of the North Costa Blanca, the beautiful white coast of Spain.

I think the Costa Blanca Is the best Area along he Spanish east coast, so if you are looking for the perfect holiday spot or the best place to put your roots down, have a look below to see what town suits you best.

Oliva – Oliva Nova

positive notes

  • endless white sandy beach
  • great for (kite) surfers
  • 18 hole golf course
  • properties are very affordable compared to other Costa Blanca towns
  • community, mostly Spanish


negative notes

  • not many great restaurants (mainly basic Spanish)
  • small selection of boutiques and shops
  • quite nightlife
  • the town is not as pretty as neighboring towns.


I always love to go to the beaches in Oliva but always struggle to have a nice meal after a day on the beach, especially if you don´t fancy a paella.

I don´t think the town and port is as pretty and inviting like other coastal towns.

Oliva Nova has a great Golf grounds and residential areas, unfortunately most people bought the golf course properties for their golf holiday and investment, although most of them are for rent, it´s just not that busy all year around, shame.

Hotel: Oliva Nova Golf Beach & Golf Hotel, Oliva, Spain

Villa: Apartamentos y Villas Oliva Nova, Oliva, Spain

Estate agent: Anacasa

costa blanca oliva


positive  notes

  • busy and vibrant old town all year around
  • nice marina
  • great selection of international restaurant (Including one of Spanish best Michelin star restaurant)
  • great selection of boutiques and shops
  • long white sandy beach
  • great night life
  • great selection of sport centers (including gyms and a swimming pool)


negative notes

  • not as pretty as neighboring towns (entrance into town is through the not so attractive industrial area)
  • high apartment buildings along the beach (but not as bad as Benidorm and Calpe)


Denia is a great place for all year around living with a great selection of shops, restaurants, sport centers, schools and a hospital, it has a very Spanish feel, and looks slightly less touristy then other coastal towns.

Hotel: les Rotes

Villa: Cami vell de Denia

Estate agent:Casitas Ibereca, Denia estate agents


denia 2


positive Notes

  • pretty old town
  • pretty and compact beach area and boulevard
  • separate port area with a great selection of shops
  • great selection of international restaurants (including a Michelin star restaurant)
  • several pretty beaches (a sandy beach, several pretty and quite pebble beaches and a hidden nudist beach )
  • good nightlife
  • Not many hotels (therefore there are no tourist traveling on an all included package deals)

negative notes

  • not a great selection of sport facilities
  • beach area and boulevard is a bit touristy and popular with expats ( but the old town and port are very Spanish)


I like the fact that Javea is divided into 3 areas, the beach, port and town area, each having a complete different feel. The Beach is very touristy and has a great selection of international restaurants, the port area has a mixture of expats and Spanish inhabitants and is great for shopping or meeting a friends for coffee. The old town is very Spanish with the cobbled car free streets, boutiques, markets and a wonderful selection of Spanish and tapas restaurants.

Hotel: Parador

Villa: Casa Olivo 

Estate agent: Plots Direct



positive notes

  • beautiful town (probably one of the prettiest towns along the coast)
  • amazing coast line with the best sea views
  • great selection of international restaurants
  • not many hotels (therefore no tourist traveling on an all included package deals)

 negative notes

  • small town
  • not a great selection of sport facilities
  • quite nightlife
  • quiet during the winter months


The views over the sea when entering Moraira, either through Calpe or Benitatchell is absolutely stunning. Moraira is a small but pretty town and has an amazing selection of incredible high standard restaurants, unfortunately the nightlife is pretty quiet around here, especially in winter.

Hotel: Swiss Moraira

Villa: Luxury villas

Estate Agent: Moraira Villas, Plots direct



positive notes

  • great selections of Hotels and spa´s
  • large white sandy beach
  • apartments for sale with incredible sea views
  • property in Calpe is slightly cheaper than neighboring towns

negative notes

  • high-rise hotels and apartments along the coast
  • old town is not as pretty as neighboring towns
  • good selection of restaurants but not as great as neighboring towns
  • some of the urbanization that has amazing sea views are unfortunately in the shade


Personally I find Calpe the least attractive town along the coast, such a shame about all those tall buildings and the old town is not as attractive. But if you love uninterrupted sea views then you guaranteed to find a front line apartment or villa here.

Hotel: Gran hotel Sol Y Mar

Villa: Villa Calpe

Estate agent: Gran Sol

costa blanca spain


Positive notes

  • beautiful port area
  • pretty old town (probably the prettiest along the coast)
  • great selection of boutiques and shops
  • good selection of restaurants
  • close to the motor way (and not to far from Alicante)

Negative notes

  • no sandy beach
  • the national road N332 is going right through the town


I think the old town of Altea near the church is absolutely stunning, I alway´s enjoy a walk around the town and exploring the many great boutiques and restaurants,  The boulevard is lovely to and also has a great selection of restaurants, it´s such a shame the N332 road is going right through the town and the boulevard. A bit further along you have Altea hills with it´s luxury properties and the beautiful marina below, a great place to have a paella.

Hotel: Abaco Inn

Villa: La medina

Estate agent: Stadman




Is a newish town between Altea and Benidorm, it´s very popular with expats.


Positive notes

  • Large sandy beaches
  • day and night live 24/7 (It´s not everyone’s cup of tea but it´s great if you love bingo, line dancing, live music or clubbing around the clock)
  • Close to the motor way and Alicante Airport
  • great selection of sports facilities
  • close to the shopping center
  • budget hotels (great if you are traveling on a small budget)
  • busy all year around

Negative notes

  • It´s a tourist hotspot for those traveling on a small budget.
  • budget hotels (attracting a budget clientele)
  • not many good restaurants, (but if you love a full English breakfast and roast dinners, you will be in the right place).
  • high-rise hotels and apartments


Benidorm is busy all year around with party tourists during the summer and pensioner who are seeking an affordable and lively place with a lovely climate during the winter months.

Hotel: Marconfort

Villa: Buenos Aires

Camping: El Raco

Estate agent: Nunez




 If you are looking for a quite town slightly of the coast, then I´ll recomend

Jesus pobre

A beautiful small village between Javea and Denia,  a great place if you like to live in a quite town and be part of a Spanish community but not to far away from the lively coastal towns.

Jalon Valley

Lovely town 15  min inland from the coast, A favorite for expats that like to connect with nature and like to be part of town with Spanish and expats inhabitants , Jalon is a very popular at the weekend, many people visit for the Saturday market and Sunday lunch in one of the many great restaurants.


Vibrant Spanish town between Moraira and Calpe, it´s a great place if you are looking for a rural country home or villa with spectacular sea views.


 Nearest Airports

Alicante and Valencia, find some great flight deals here


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